Apple Maps starts showing fixed speed camera information

Apple Maps starts showing fixed speed camera information

The maps of Manzana show fixed speed camera information in new countries in Europe. This fuels the possibility that this new feature will soon reach more countries.

Radar icon in Apple Maps

It is never too late if happiness is good and it seems that, at last, Apple Maps begins to show the location of fixed speed cameras on its maps. I already did it in countries like Canada, Ireland, Kingdom United Y state United and for a few days he has also done it in Netherlands Y Belgium.

Little by little the native app of Manzana wants to catch up with Google maps, the great world dominator in terms of navigation apps, and now you want to make it more competitive by displaying this information. If you don’t know Google shows fixed speed cameras in your map application for a long time, as we published in its day.

This will be the icon with which the Apple maps will inform us of the existence of a radar:

As we show in the following screenshots published in the profile of Twitter of the known medium, an orange icon with a photo camera with flash appears in the center.

Fixed speed camera information in Apple Maps

Fixed speed camera information in Apple Maps (Image:

It is the icon that, hopefully, we will be able to see all the users of Apple Maps when we use the GPS to reach a specific destination.

As is often the case, these types of functions tend to gradually reach different countries since they are often governed by different laws. Now it seems that the information on the fixed speed camera location on the maps of Manzana they are overcoming the pitfalls and reaching more countries.

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Without further ado, we will wait with open arms for this novelty to arrive and, as soon as it does, we will dedicate a post explaining how to use this function so demanded by many of us.



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