Apple launches its MagSafe external battery for the iPhone 12

Apple launches its MagSafe external battery for the iPhone 12

Manzana has been released for sale, for just over € 100 (€ 109 to be exact) an external battery MagSafe what’s wrong with it 1,460mAh loading … It seems very expensive, no matter how much technology it carries, really.

MagSafe Battery

The new battery MagSafe, it only serves to load any of the models of iPhone 12, although there are people who think that it will also serve iPhone 13 (12s), Manzana you will want to cash in and you will surely get something new and revolutionary, with a greater capacity… at the same time.

As of Monday 22, the first ones that were purchased will begin to arrive when Manzana released them for sale. To use them you need the new update of iOS 14.7, with which we know that we will have it on Monday.

There are external batteries much cheaper and with more capacity than the new MagSafe:

The main difference these batteries have is that, with iOS 14.7, it is rumored that we will be able to use reverse charging which will supposedly enable the iPhone 12 when the battery is connected. If you are charging the phone and you have the battery stuck to its back, the Neural Engine the terminal detects it and while you charge the iPhone the battery is also charged. I explained myself well?.

This is the new MagSafe

This is the new MagSafe

Otherwise I do not recommend buying them, really. They are € 100 that you can save.

I bought in January one of Amazon for € 40 Y 5,000mAh which does the same function and is blue. Y for € 30 you have larger capacity batteries and the color you want. Of course, they do not have a reversible charge, but surely you can live without it.

Anyway, the iphone battery, until the 11th, was not particularly good, but the iPhone 12 is the same as the iPhone 11… I have not needed to use the external battery, and I use the phone a lot. With the pandemic, we hardly leave home and if we have to do something and we are going to leave, we put a fast charge on the iPhone and that’s it.

Is it useful for you? Do you plan to buy and use it?


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