Apple hit with antitrust investigation for “Connect with Apple”

Apple hit with antitrust investigation for "Connect with Apple"

Apple is facing increasing pressure on its practices on the App Store. It faces legal action from developers for its insistence that apps only use its subscription model under heavy fire from Facebook to force apps to disclose their data privacy practices. It is also immersed in an antitrust investigation after more complaints from developers about its “Connect with Apple” option.

“Connect with Apple”

For a while, you would open up new iOS apps and be faced with options to sign in with Google and Facebook. Apple and other developers also wanted to participate in this action.

Starting with iOS 13, Apple started offering “Sign in with Apple” (or “Continue with Apple” as in the screenshot below) alongside options to sign in with Google, Facebook and others. applications. The Apple option has great advantages. One is the obvious ease of registration, as you don’t have to enter your email and password.

Apple Antitrust Continue with

The other benefit is that if you want, Apple will hide your email and provide the developer with a burner email, protecting the privacy of your email. For obvious reasons, the developers are not happy with this.

Antitrust investigation

The US Department of Justice is investigating complaints from developers about “Connect with Apple”. Where the developers believe antitrust comes into play is Apple’s demand that apps that offer the ability to connect with Google, Twitter, and Facebook should also offer connection with Apple.

Sources who spoke Information said after the developers complained last year, antitrust regulators are now investigating. They are considering the “Connect with Apple” button and “other App Store rules that prevent users from switching to a competing device manufacturer.”

Apple Antitrust Sing InApple Antitrust Sing In

The “Other App Store Rules” include developer fees and location restrictions and other tracking that Apple’s default apps are not subject to.

Apple spokesperson Fred Sainz said the “Connect with Apple” option gives customers a privacy-focused alternative to the other options.

Where it is now

The Department of Justice is still investigating and has yet to decide whether it will file an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Facebook and Google have their own antitrust issues and polls. These lawsuits have already been filed.

Antitrust regulators in the US House Judicial Antitrust Subcommittee began their investigation into Apple last year. He joined other tech heavyweights – Google, Facebook and Amazon – to be compared to oil barons and railroad tycoons.

Apple Antitrust App StoreApple Antitrust App Store

The subcommittee released a 450 page report. He recommended new antitrust laws, saying Apple had a monopoly on distributing apps to its devices.

Apple also has several antitrust probes in other countries. He’s currently working on putting out the fires, as he’s also just made a change in the beta of iOS 14.5 that will make clickless attacks much less successful.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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