Apple has turned on exposure notifications on older iPhones

Apple has turned on exposure notifications on older iPhones

Manzana has released an update for iOS 12 with which you have activated the COVID-19 exposure notifications on old iPhones.

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Apple releases iOS 12.5

With the launch of iOS 13.5 Manzana I take the iPhone the COVID-19 exposure notifications. These notifications, which use a system created by Apple and Google, let you know, once a compatible app is installed, if we have been in contact with any positive by COVID-19.

The launch of the contact detection protocol and system, created by the two tech giants, was highly applauded. But it had a downside: it was only compatible with those devices iOS that were compatible with iOS 13.5.

iOS 12.5 makes COVID-19 exposure notifications compatible with iPhone 6 and earlier

This made exposure notifications only compatible with iPhone 6s and later. And it left many devices high and dry. But now Manzana has released an update of iOS 12 that makes devices older than iPhone 6s are compatible with these notifications.

The update in question is iOS 12.5. With it, they become compatible with exposure notifications on iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone SE first generation. Devices that, although they are prior to 2015, are still used by many users who saw how they were left out of being able to use exposure notifications COVID-19.


Exposure notifications in iOS 13.5 arriving with iOS 12.5

Be able to upgrade to iOS 12.5If you have these devices, it doesn’t have any major complications. All you have to do is access the Settings iOS and in general, click on Software update. In this way, the update will appear and you can download and install it.

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With this move on the part of Manzana now the only thing missing is for country-specific apps to be updated and not requested, as an installation requirement iOS 13.5. Something that is hopefully winning shortly since from this update iOS 12.5 exposure notifications do not need iOS 13.5 or higher.


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