Apple has forced WordPress to add in-app purchases

The most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad, this week

Manzana forced last week to WordPress to add in-app purchases although it seems that the issue has already been solved.

To a greater or lesser extent, you are all probably aware of the problem that exists between Apple and Epic Games right now. The developer of well-known games like Fortnite decided to add a payment gateway by skipping the App Store, and Manzana answered.

The answer was, specifically, Fortnite App Store removal, the most popular game of Epic Games. And not only that, but Epic Games also faces the possibility of having your developer profile removed, disappearing all its apps from the App Store and not allowing them to be used on the devices on which they are already installed.

Apple has apologized to WordPress, and has solved the problem, through a statement

But, from the looks of it, not only Epic Games and Fortnite have suffered a reaction for not complying with the rules of the App Store, but this is something that has also happened to WordPress. This has been made known by the founder of the platform to create websites and blogs.

As the creator himself made known in Twitter, WordPress was not having updates on ios because Manzana was blocking them for not complying with the rules of the App Store. And it is that, from what it seems, Manzana It required you to enter your payment plans and domains as one-stop shopping.

Apple has forced WordPress to add in-app purchases

WordPress creator message

This is due, it seems, to the rules of the App Store. As we know, Manzana obliges those services that offer subscriptions and payment services to offer them through the App Store, not allowing them to be redirected out of the App Store.

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But despite this, it seems that the problem has already been solved. Apple itself, in a statement, has apologized to WordPress and they ensure that the problem has been solved by removing the application’s payment system. What do you think? We don’t know very well how this battle of Manzana and the App Store.


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