Apple has decided to sue Epic Games for breaking its rules

Apple has decided to sue Epic Games for breaking its rules

In an unexpected move, Manzana has decided to sue Epic Games for the breach of its rules of use of the App Store.

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Goodbye to Fortnite!

It appears that the dispute between Manzana and Epic Games it goes for long. All of this goes back, as you well know, to the failure to Epic Games of the rules of use of the App Store by introducing a payment method external to the App Store in its most popular game, Fortnite.

This made Manzana decide, as a first measure, remove Fortnite from the App Store. And it went much further since announced that it would delete Epic’s developer account. Given this, Epic Games decided to sue Manzana, but the play did not go well.

Apple requests in its counterclaim to Epic Games compensation for the damages caused

And it is that, the judge in charge of the matter gave a blow to Epic deciding that Manzana could delete the game and the Epic Games developer account. That if she could not deny access to Unreal Engine, since the damage that Manzana it could cause other developers could be huge.

Now, Epic has tried again to get the judge to force Manzana to allow the return of Fortnite to App Store. Thing to which Manzana not always denied Epic Games comply with the rules of use. And, before this, Manzana has decided to initiate a counterclaim against Epic Games.

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The Fortnite map on the iPhone

This counterclaim is based on the manifest breach of Epic Games of the rules of use of the App Store. Basically it is based on the fact that Epic accepted some conditions and that, in bad faith, decided to go against them and try to take advantage of them. So, Manzana You are seeking compensation for the damages that this has caused you.

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We do not know how this matter will end but it certainly seems that Epic Games he’s not doing well at all. Not only because of recent court decisions, but also because, according to latest estimates, that Fortnite is not in the App Store This would be a loss of almost 30 million dollars a month.

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