Apple glasses. This will be the Apple Glass and this will be its price [Filtración]

Apple glasses. This will be the Apple Glass and this will be its price [Filtración]

We tell you about some interesting rumors that have come about future apple glasses. Apparently they will be called Apple Glasses and all kinds of data about them have been leaked. We will tell you everything below.

Apple glasses will be called Apple Glass

Apple glasses will be called Apple Glass

Jon Prosser It is currently one of the filters for apple news most accurate of the moment. A few days ago, it leaked all kinds of information about a new device that we are all waiting for. The Apple glass.

If you thought that the apple company had reached its peak of innovation with the iPhone, iPad, Manzana Watch, Airpods … you were wrong. In a future that seems closer than ever, they will launch a new device that everyone will surely buy. They will launch their smart glasses.

The Apple glasses will be called Apple Glass and this will be its alleged price:

Apple Glass prototypeApple Glass prototype

Apple Glass prototype

From all the leaked information we will list all the highlights. It makes our mouths water as soon as we know this advance of what this new device will be:

  • Jon comments that its price will be $ 499. If this information is true, it will make them very competitive. Think that at the beginning it was rumored that its price would be $ 999.
  • The cost of graduating the crystals will be paid separately.
  • Same as him Apple Watch original, the data processing will take place in the iPhone.
  • Its final appearance will be that of normal glasses. They will not be anything futuristic and excessively showy. As an example the image that we show you a little above.
  • For privacy reasons it will not have built-in cameras but it will have a LIDAR sensor (system of measurement and detection of objects by light rays) on one of the sideburns.
  • Charging the device will be wireless with a wireless charger included in the box.
  • The two lenses will be used as a screen and in both we can see all kinds of info.
  • Interaction with glasses, according to Jon Prosser, It will be through gestures both in the glasses themselves and in front of the device.
  • They cannot be combined with sunglasses at the moment.
  • The presentation to the press is expected to be at an event that will occur in the last quarter of 2020 (along with the iPhone 12) or in the first of 2021. The commercial launch is expected for the fourth quarter of 2021 or first quarter of 2022.
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Knowing this … have you wanted to have them already in your possession ?. We are WISHING.



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