Apple gives away 5 months of Apple Music through Shazam

Apple gives away 5 months of Apple Music through Shazam

Manzana is giving up 5 months of Apple Music completely free through your app Shazam.

Free Apple Music

Get up to 5 months of Apple Music for free

Some time ago, more or less two years, Apple decided to buy the music recognition app Shazam. From that moment on, the integration of Shazam with Apple devices and services was almost complete.

One of the services with which more integration has come to have is Manzana Music. Something logical considering that both applications are music apps. And thanks to this integration we can get up to 5 months free of Manzana Music.

The two months of Shazam can be accumulated with the three months of Apple Music’s own free trial

We can get these 5 months for free since, through Shazam, two more months are added to the test of 3 months that already offers Manzana per se. To achieve this, you just have to follow the simple steps that we comment on below.

The first thing will be to open the application Shazam, so if you don’t have it installed you will have to download it. Once downloaded, you just have to analyze any song with the app and, once analyzed, the result of which song it is will appear along with a message that says we get two more months of Manzana Music.

apple music free 5 months shazam

Message in the Shazam app on the App Store

Then you just have to press «Try for free«, And we can automatically redeem the two-month subscription. Two-month subscription that will be accumulated after three months Manzana offers to test Apple Music.

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The only downside to this promotion of Manzana Music is that it is only for new users. Therefore, if we are already subscribed to Manzana Music we will not be able to get the additional two months of free trial it offers Manzana through Shazam.

In any case, if you haven’t tried Apple Music, now you can do it taking advantage of these 5 months of free trial that it offers Manzana. Of course, the promotion is valid only until January 17, 2021, so you will have to activate the promotion before that date to be able to take advantage of it.


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