Apple gives away 4 free months of Apple Music through TikTok

Apple gives away 5 months of Apple Music through Shazam

Manzana is offering a total of 4 months free of Apple Music through the well-known music video social network TikTok.

Some time ago Apple launched a campaign through the music recognition app Shazam. Through this campaign they could get a total of five free months of Apple Music, as long as new users left.

And it seems that this campaign to give away more months of Apple Music for new users it is working well as we now know that Manzana is giving away a total of 4 months of Apple Music completely free of charge through TikTok.

With this offer, one more free month of Apple Music is added to the three that Apple gives to new users

TikTok It is probably the most relevant social network in 2020. This video sharing platform has become very popular. And, in the videos, there is always an important element that could make Apple have chosen to use this platform: the music in the videos.

In fact, in the ad you posted Manzana in TikTok, special emphasis is placed on the music heard in TikTok. And it is that in the ad it appears that, in Apple Music, you can hear the greatest hits of TikTok and the songs that go viral on the platform.

4 months free apple music tiktok

The Apple Music ad on TikTok

This offer will be available to new users until January 2021 and, thanks to it, we will get one more month of Apple Music in addition to the 3 months it gives Manzana per se. Therefore, we will have four months before Manzana start charging us.

To take advantage of this offer, click on exchange Now in the ad that appears and follow the steps. Of course, the ad does not have to appear to all users and it is not very clear how you can get the ad to appear to get this offer.

In any case, it is a very interesting offer that, we are sure, many of you will be able to take advantage of to try Apple Music.


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