Apple Fitness + is Apple's new service focused on exercise

Apple Fitness + is Apple’s new service focused on exercise

Apple Fitness + is a new subscription service from Manzana focused on exercise and sport and based on Manzana Watch.

Apple Fitness + is Apple's new service focused on exercise

A new and revolutionary service based and integrated in the Watch

When the Manzana Watch was presented was a revolution in the world of exercise. Currently, with the Apple Watch Series 6, we find one of the best fitness and exercise accessories on the market.

From the beginning, Apple wanted to promote this device and it is not for less, since it has made people who did not exercise want to close their rings. And today, in his Keynote September, has presented a new subscription service that arises from the Apple Watch: Apple Fitness +.

All Apple Fitness + sessions will be accompanied by music, either from the session or from our Apple Music subscription

This new subscription service will allow us to do some types of exercises at any time and with any of our Apple screens, be it a iPhone, iPad or ManzanaTV. Among the monitored exercises that we can do are Rowing, Cycling, Treadmill, HIIT or Yoga among others.

And, as we have said, it will be based entirely on the Manzana Watch. Such is the integration of this service with the same one that will be present in the app Exercise in our iPhone and everything we do with Fitness + will sync both with the app as with him Watch.

apple fitness + apple watch iphone ipad 1Apple Fitness + is Apple's new service focused on exercise

Integration with the Apple Watch is absolute

Not only that, but also the interface of the screen in which we access Fitness + will integrate with the Watch. In this way, it will show us many of the elements present when performing training and exercises, directly on the screen iPhone, iPad or Manzana TV.

Manzana Fitness + It will arrive at the end of the year, but at the moment it will only be released in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Its price will be € 9.99 per month but will be included in the Apple One Premier Pack at a price of $ 29.95 per month.

Of course, current owners of an Apple Watch will get a free month and, by acquiring a Watch again, you will get 3 months free. What do you think of this new service Manzana? We are looking forward to reaching many more countries to be able to test it.

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