Apple does not solve the problem of the terrible battery of the iPhone

Apple does not solve the problem of the terrible battery of the iPhone

Since Manzana took out his first cell phone has always had a battery problem. No matter how hard they have tried to make Cupertino to solve it, Manzana has always stood out for the low battery life of its mobile phones.

Battery life of the iPhone

The iPhone eleven, eleven Pro Y eleven Pro Max It was a revolution in the batteries of the telephones of Manzana. They got a charge to last 24 hours. in the Pro and a day and a half in the Pro Max, but it was a mirage. Then they have continued just as badly. The battery of the iPhone 12 Pro it lasts a little less than that of the eleven Pro and on paper it is the same and the configuration I have is the same.

Manzana knows, is aware that the possessor of a iPhone has to go, usually, with the Extreme battery on duty, but he must not care because he does nothing to change it. They continue to sell even though their batteries are very fair … or perhaps they do it to force you to use your phone less?

The iPhone 11 Pro, the only one with a decent battery:

As you know, I am a fricky from Manzana, from the iPhone 4, which was the first one I had. I’ve been through all the models, including the S and excluding the 5C, that have gone on sale and the batteries I remember with horror, especially the one from the iPhone 7 and that of Xs.

I had the opportunity to extensively test the full range of iPhone 11 and I loved her performance. I used, as a personal telephone, the 11 Pro. Coming from Xs, his drums impressed me. They sent me in the month of June, the iPhone 11 in which I installed the beta from iOS 14 and I liked his performance so much that he is still at my house today. I remember having to charge it every day and a half, just like the 11 Pro Max. Terminal that is also in my house and whose battery is infinite.

The iPhone 12 Y 12 Pro have the same battery as the iPhone 11 Pro, but they have 5G and a few more inches (from 5’8 they have gone to 6’1). I have it without 5G, to test the duration of it and I notice that in the iPhone 12 Pro it lasts a little less. The truth is that the lower durability is not very noticeable, it may be less than half an hour, but it is less. The 11 Pro Max it has a somewhat larger battery. That is incredible for those of us who have iPhone in our life.

How is yours going?


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