Apple Design Awards 2021. These are the 12 winning apps this year

Apple Design Awards 2021. These are the 12 winning apps this year

Apple has already decided which apps and games deserve to win the Apple Design Awards 2021. We tell you which are the 12 winners of this year.

Apple Design Awards 2021

As it happens every year in the WWDC, Manzana awards and mentions the apps and games that it considers the best of the year. These awards are called Apple Design Awards and, with the completion of the WWDCWe already know which developers have been the winners of the awards.

For Apple to consider the applications and games it awards deserving of these awards, they have to stand out from the rest, both in terms of functionality and design. And this time they are a total of 12 Applications those that take the award in different categories that we detail below.

Winning apps of the Apple Design Awards 2021:

Apps winning the Apple Design Awards 2021

Winning apps of the Apple Design Awards 2021

The awards are divided into six new categories that recognize developers around the world for their talent in terms of innovation, visuals and graphics, interaction, fun, inclusion and social impact.

To download and learn more about each app, click on its name to access all its information.

Best inclusion app 2021:

These apps offer an incredible experience, regardless of origin, skills or language.

  • Voice Dream Reader [21,99 €]: An app that reads articles, documents and books aloud and has been hailed by many as the best mobile text-to-speech app
  • HoloVista [5,49 €]: 360º game in which we must explore a dream mansion, photograph mysterious spaces, confront the deepest secrets and entrust them to Carmen, a junior architect and recently hired by the company. It is in English but this does not mean that we are facing a totally different game and that you are going to love it.

Best fun app 2021:

These applications offer memorable, captivating and rewarding experiences thanks to the technology of Manzana.

  • Pok Pok Playroom [Gratis]: This is a collection of handmade toys that promote creativity and learning through free play. Children use their intuition and imagination to explore, at their own pace. They create, experiment, learn and grow with each toy. There is no right or wrong way to play – each session is unique.
  • Little orpheus [Apple Arcade]: Fun platformer with simple controls, engaging storylines, and an experience worthy of a console game. Only available in Apple arcade.

Best interaction app 2021:

The winning applications in this category stand out for their intuitive interfaces and simple controls tailored to their platform.

  • CARROT Weather [Gratis]: One of the best weather apps for iPhone, iPad Y Manzana Watch.
  • Bird Alone [3,49 €]: Application that allows you to talk to a parrot about life, compose music, draw and even write poetry. Interact with him to, little by little, create that virtual friend that you have always liked to have.

Best social impact app 2021:

These applications significantly improve the lives of users and put the focus on highly relevant topics.

  • Be My Eyes – Helping blind see [Gratis]: This app connects us with a global community of volunteers and company representatives who are ready at any time to help you see, to provide their vision and support with daily tasks.
  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure [Apple Arcade]: An exclusive set of Apple arcade in which we join Alba on a picturesque Mediterranean island. Our protagonist wants to enjoy a peaceful summer exploring the natural environment with her friend Inés, but after seeing an animal in danger, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Best visual effects and graphics app 2021:

These apps stand out for their spectacular images, brilliant interfaces and high-quality animations, which come to life in an original way.

  • Loóna: sleep and relax [Gratis]: It is the first application that allows you to quickly disconnect from a long and stressful day and put yourself in the mood to sleep. It is not a list of direct techniques for going to sleep, but rather a mood-altering app that helps you stay calm during the day and emotionally prepares you for going to sleep at night.
  • Genshin Impact [Gratis]: After being named as the 2020 game of the year, is now awarded in the Apple Design Awards. An adventure in which we must seek answers from The Seven, the elemental gods. We will have to explore every corner of the wonderful world that appears on the screen and join forces with a wide repertoire of characters to reveal hidden mysteries and much more.

Best innovation app 2021:

The winners in this category have made innovative use of Manzana to create next-generation experiences.

  • Naad sadhana [Gratis]: Naad sadhana it will automatically create and play music as you sing or play, in 10 instruments, 8 genres, using artificial intelligence. This app records your music in studio quality, in full multi-track sessions.
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift [Gratis]: The skills and strategies of a typical League of Legends MOBA 5v5, created from scratch for iPhone. Team up with friends, choose your champions and shine with great plays.

Without further ado, we wait for the new contest to be held in June 2022 to publicize what they are, to Manzana, the best applications of the App Store.




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