Apple courses to take advantage of your iOS devices

Apple courses to take advantage of your iOS devices

The apple courses in Spanish. We can finally enjoy Today at Apple at Home in our language. A very interesting way to learn tricks and processes to get the most out of our devices.

Apple Courses

Apple courses

Today at Home is a learning platform that Manzana launched in 2017 and which, since its launch, has come to offer more than 250,000 sessions per quarter, in which Apple Store, which have been attended by millions of people. A great complement to our tutorials for iPhone and iPad… hehehehe.

With the arrival of the confinement, motivated by the damn virus that we all know, in the apple company they had the magnificent idea of ​​transforming this service into Today at Apple at Home. In this way they transmit the sessions in a on-line so that everyone interested can access them from their own home.

This had a great handicap and it was that the classes were not in Spanish. This has just ended because, finally, we have them available in our language.

Apple courses in Spanish:

While this stage of social distancing and confinement lasts, surely Manzana will keep these sessions online. That is why we have to take full advantage to enjoy them and learn all kinds of tutorials explained by the best professionals.

If you want to access you have to enter the website of Today at Apple at Home. Once we click on that link, if we have the Apple Store installed on our device, the application will open with the available classes. If not, it will be opened from your web browser.

Today at Apple al Home in SpanishToday at Apple al Home in Spanish

Today at Apple al Home in Spanish

Now you can access the available courses, which, at the moment, are as follows:

  • Create stylish portraits on iPhone.
  • Record movie videos with iPhone.
  • Turn your house into music with GarageBand.
  • Draw portraits in full color with the iPad.
  • Capture unusual perspectives with the iPhone.
  • Take photos full of personality with the iPhone.

Do not waste time and go learn from the hands of the best professionals, but remember that good tutorials will only be found here at 😉.

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