Apple could unify all its services in a single subscription

Apple could unify all its services in a single subscription

Manzana could soon unify its subscription services by offering several of them together in a single payment.

If everything goes as usual, next month we would have to carry out one of the most anticipated presentations of Manzana. We talk about the presentation of the new iPhone 12, for which the month of September, as usual, or October is considered, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this presentation, in addition to the future iPhone could be presented, as on other occasions, the new Manzana Watch and even new iPad. But according to some rumors Manzana You might be thinking of introducing something new regarding your services and subscriptions.

This unification of Apple service subscriptions would materialize in different packs

And we say novel because, although it has been seen in other companies, it is something that we have not seen in the world of Manzana. This is a possible unification of several of the subscription services it offers, such as iCloud, Manzana Music, Manzana Arcadian or Manzana News, among others.

This unification of services and subscriptions would not be in a single pack. There would be a pack that would give access to all of Apple’s digital services, but there would be other packs through which subscription to only some of its services could be acquired, such as, for example, Manzana Music and Apple tv.


The Apple Music interface

Despite the existence of different packs, what would be common to all of them would be the savings when acquiring one of them. And it is that, by subscribing to more than one service that interests us, the price of them will be reduced thanks to the pack. Something to keep in mind.

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As usual with this type of rumor, we will have to wait for the presentation to see if they come true or are only a rumor. Although, if it does come true, it would be quite an interesting move and one that should come as no surprise as many companies offering services


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