PRIVACY in iOS 14 gets big improvements

Apple could delay iOS 14 privacy improvements until 2021

It looks like Manzana would have delayed the arrival of the long-awaited improvements and new privacy features in iOS 14 until the year 2021.

Apple could delay iOS 14 privacy improvements until 2021

Best iOS 14 Features, Delayed

A few months have passed since the celebration of the WWDC and the presentation of iOS 14 and, now, we are waiting for the arrival of the long-awaited iPhone 12 and, consequently of iOS 14. This version of the operating system improves significantly iOS 13 and, especially, in the privacy section.

Privacy has been one of the aspects in which it has stood out the most Manzana since ever. But with ios 14 has taken a giant leap implementing functions such as the approximate location, notices of use of the microphone or camera and access to the clipboard and information about which the apps access, among others. Functions that, for the moment, they have already cost him some criticism.

The privacy features of iOS 14 have already had some criticism from tech giants like Facebook

Despite these criticisms, this is probably one of the best iOS privacy features and enhancements of all time. And that fully benefit users and their data. But now it seems that these privacy features would not finally arrive until 2021.

privacy app store ios 14Apple could delay iOS 14 privacy improvements until 2021

One of the privacy features of iOS 14

The arrival of these functions was planned with the official launch of iOS 14, but it seems that it will not be so. And it is that, the wound of the same in 2021 seems to be due, according to official sources, to Manzana wants to allow developers to prepare and do the same with their applications. There may even be some pressure involved so that the launch is not so soon.

Of course, we understand the concerns that these privacy improvements may raise for companies that live off user data and information. But, instead of complaining, they should adapt and not be so invasive with the privacy of their users. And, of course, we believe that Manzana it shouldn’t budge. What do you think that these improvements are delayed until 2021?

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