Apple Arcade will add these powerful and popular games to its catalog

Apple Arcade will add these powerful and popular games to its catalog

Apple arcadelittle by little, he is adding wonderful and well-known games to his catalog. This makes paying for your subscription less painful for the user as it will allow you to play FREE, to games that in the App Store they cost money. We tell you what they are.

New games in Apple Arcade

If they recently added classic games in Apple Arcade, they will soon add titles to which many of you have wanted to play and you will not have done so for the price they have in their application store.

After Cut the Rope, NBA 2K21 Arcade, Clap Hanz Golf, SongPop Party… Well-known names arrive, such as, for example, Angry Birds Reloaded. Next we give you the names of the next additions to the gaming platform of Manzana.

New games coming to Apple Arcade:

In the following image we show you the four titles, best known, of the games that users subscribed to Manzana Arcadian:

New games come to Apple Arcade

New games come to Apple Arcade

But apart from these additions, it is also planned to add many more. We leave you the list of what you will soon be able to enjoy in your iPhone, iPad, Mac Y Apple tv:

  • Angry Birds Reloaded
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Doodle god
  • Solitaire Stories
  • Inks (June 25 available)
  • Leos Fortune (Available June 25)

We have to recognize that the titles with which the gaming platform of Manzana They did not attract us much attention. Yes, there were games we played, but there were few that were really worth it. In fact, we stopped paying for the subscription for a while.

But now, with all the news that have arrived and that will arrive, it costs us nothing to pay the only € 4.99 monthly since it allows us to have access to all the games that we have named you and many more.

If you are a gamer, we recommend you subscribe because you are going to enjoy it a lot. In addition, we remember that almost all of them are exclusive games for devices of Manzana.

Apple arcade now it is worth it.


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