Apple Announces Next Keynote for September 15, 2020

Apple Announces Next Keynote for September 15, 2020

We bring you all the information about the next Keynote announced by Apple, which will take place on September 15, 2020, at the usual time.

next Keynote

We already know when the next Apple Keynote is

Today we talk about the next Apple Keynote. On September 15, we will see this presentation of which so much has been said and in which we will see the assumptions iPhone 12.

Much has been said these days, about the presentation of Apple. There was talk that we would see it later, or that we would first see new devices in the Apple Store, such as the new Watch Series 6 or the new iPad. But the truth is that the only thing that has been announced is a Keynote for next week.

So if you want to know what this new Apple presentation is going to do, don’t miss anything that we are going to tell you next.

Next Apple Keynote for September 15, 2020

What we know to date is that 4 different types of iPhone 12 will be presented, a new Apple Watch Series 6, a possible low-cost Watch and new iPad.

But the truth is that Apple has not commented anything about it, it has only made public the next Keynote dated September 15 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time).

Something that we can highlight from this publication is the dominant blue color of it. And it is that it is said that in the next iPhone 12, we will see models in this blue color, the same one that predominates in this Keynote announcement.

next Keynote 1next Keynote 1

The color blue predominates

But, to end this news and guided by an acquaintance such as Mark Gurman, which we could call the Apple guru … tells us that this Keynote would not be for the iPhone, if not for the presentation of the new Apple Watch and the new iPad. We have to remember that Apple itself already communicated that the iPhone 12 would arrive more late than expected.

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Therefore, we can only wait for the appointed date to arrive and see what happens in the end. But, whatever happens, we are going to tell you everything in APPerlas.


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