App to watch TV and record programs, series, movies …

App to watch TV and record programs, series, movies ...

If you want to download in your iPhone a app to watch TV, we just found the perfect app. An application that, in addition to allowing us to watch live television channels, lets us watch programs, movies, series … broadcast in the last 7 days. But not only that, it will also let us record any broadcast to see it whenever we want … and all this completely free of charge.

Tivify an app to watch TV on your iPhone and iPad

We have found the TOTAL application to be able to enjoy TV channels on our mobile devices. Manzana. An app called Tivify and that provides a large number of tools to enjoy programs, movies, series… Anywhere and anytime.

The app is free and offers a paid subscription that improves what the free subscription is. You can use it without paying and if you like it, you can plan to make the monthly payment. We leave the prices at the end of the article.

Tivify, the app to watch TV on the iPhone, iPad, MAC …:

Being a platform we must register. For this we will have to do it from your website

Once the registration is done, we download the app and enter with our credentials. By doing so, we will disembark on the following screen:

Tivify interface

Tivify interface

From there we can navigate through the content that it offers us and, by clicking on the menu button that appears to us in the upper left part of the screen, access much more content categorized there.

App to watch TV on your iPhone

App to watch TV on your iPhone

The more than 80 channels that name us on the web do not appear in the channels, but it is true that in Movies, Series, Programs … there are contents broadcast, in all of them, in the last 7 days. That is why the nomenclature u7d (last 7 days).

If you have noticed in the menu the option appears «My recordings». There will be located for a limited time (30 days in the case of the free subscription), all the programs, series, movies that have been broadcast on the channels and that you have recorded. To record them you must click on the following button.

Download movies, series, programs ...

Download movies, series, programs …

In option «Apps Guide», we will see movies and series that we can see on other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime…. By clicking on them we will go directly to see them in their corresponding applications, as long as you are subscribed to them.

In the upper right we have a button with which to filter all the content available in the app.

Filter Tivify content

Filter Tivify content

To remove this filtering we will have to click, again, on the filter that you have activated.

If you like this app, you can complete it with these others that also offer FREE and legal content:

Tivify subscription prices:

In the following image we leave you the prices of their 3 subscriptions:

Prices Tivify, the app to watch TV

Prices Tivify, the app to watch TV

Without a doubt a great app to watch TV on your iPhone, iPad, MAC….

Download Tivify TV



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