App to put abs in photos, plus many more things

App to put abs in photos, plus many more things

If you are looking for a app to put abs in photos you are in the right place. We bring you a photo editing tool that will allow you to do everything with anyone you want to modify.

App to put abs in photos

If you are a person who does not exercise but wants to show off a body 10 on your social networks, you are in luck. We bring you a photo editing app that will solve that little problem for you.

With Photolift you can transform your body at will. Well, your body or someone else’s that you want. You can put chest, abs, beard, hair, all kinds of accessories … in the easiest and simplest way you can imagine. Without a doubt, one of those iPhone apps that we should all carry on our devices to use them at certain times.

How to put abs in photos, in addition to chest, beard, mustache, accessories …:

The application Photolift it’s free but has in-app purchases that will allow us to use all the functions that are available in it. In addition to being able to use all these blocked options in the free version, it will also remove the watermark that will appear in all our final editions.

Photolift interfacePhotolift interface

Photolift interface

In order to use it, we will have to allow the app to access our images. Once permission is given, we can enter this world of radical change.

It is very easy to use. As soon as we enter we will have to select the image of the person we want to modify. The next step is to choose the size of the image. This is interesting if we want to adapt it to a specific social network. We have a lot of sizes of multitude of social networks available.

Once this is done, we must choose which part we want to work on. It gives us a choice between face, body and photo (editing the photo itself).

Edit the part of the photo you want

Edit the part of the photo you want

Choosing a body we will see different options such as changing its shape, adding abs, tattoos … that we can apply and edit.

So you can put abs in photos

So you can put abs in photos

We can save the result on our reel and then share it wherever we want or with whoever we want.

Download Photolift

A very interesting application that we recommend downloading, above all, to people who do not exercise and want to show off a great body on social networks and instant messaging apps.



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