App to pixelate faces in real time when we are recording

App to pixelate faces in real time when we are recording

With the app to pixelate faces, Anonymous Camera, we can pixelate faces and bodies in real time as we are recording or taking photos.

A very interesting app

Photography and video are part of our day to day more than ever. Whether on a trip, getaway or in our day-to-day lives, we tend to take photos and record videos. But, sometimes when we take photos or record videos, we may need to pixelate faces or people.

This process, we normally carried out a posteriori using editing apps to pixelate or erase what we wanted. But the app we are talking about today, Anonymous Camera, allows us to do the same depending on whether we are recording or taking photos.

With this app to pixelate faces we can do this process in real time while recording or taking photos

As is usual in this type of camera apps, the first thing we have to do is grant it permission to access our photos and the camera. Once this is done we can start using the app and see its full potential.

app to pixelate faces anonymous camera 3

The default pixelation is a yellow circle

The application is based on the Artificial intelligence and it shows as soon as you open it. And, if we are recording or taking a photo with the application, the app it will automatically detect faces or bodies, depending on the options chosen, and we will see how it also covers them automatically.

In addition, we can choose some options. Among them, the possibility of choosing the way in which we want the app to cover the elements to be highlighted stands out. pixelate. It also gives us the option to distort the noise and remove the metadata, both from photos and videos.

app to pixelate faces anonymous camera 4

Some of the options offered by the app

This artificial intelligence application can be downloaded completely free of charge. To use all of its functions, it is necessary to acquire the version Pro of the app. In case you are interested, we recommend you download it.

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Download Anonymous Camera and anonymize people instantly

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