App to make a family tree and restore old photos

App to make a family tree and restore old photos

We talk about MyHeritage, an application that allows us create a family tree to find our roots and that, also, has an interesting photo editor with which we can restore old photographs without the need to have knowledge of photo editing.

How to create a family tree

Years ago we talked about a Ancestry that allowed us to create a file with which to manage all the members of our family. Today there is another app of this type and that seems to improve very much, the one that we mentioned in 2014.

This app is called MyHeritage and it is very fashionable because it allows, among many other things, animate old photos by creating emotional videos and that tears of joy will surely flow to many members of your family.

How to create a family tree with MyHeritage:

First of all, the first thing we have to do is register on the platform. If you are not, once we enter the application it will give us the possibility to do so.

After doing so, we will disembark on the main screen of the application:

MyHeritage home screen

MyHeritage home screen

Now what we have to do is click on the option “Tree” and start entering all the data that we know. The more we introduce, the better, that is why it is worth asking our oldest family members about their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, etc…. . In this way we will create a wonderful archive with which to better understand our roots.

Family Tree Family tree

Family tree

From the moment we create the tree, the platform begins to search for information for us. We will receive notifications through emails containing Smart Matches Y Record Matches that will reveal new connections to our family tree, records and newspaper articles about your ancestors.

Without a doubt, a great application to learn more about ourselves.

How to restore old photos:

What’s more MyHeritage gives us the possibility of accessing a series of editing functions that allow us to improve an old photograph in a SPECTACULAR way !!!.

When uploading an old photograph to the app and entering it, it gives us these editing options that allow us to do the following:

Photo editing tools

Photo editing tools

From left to right these are the tools available.

  • Deep Notalgia: This function allows you to animate the photo.
  • Automatic photo enhancement: Wonderful tool that improves the quality of the photo. You are going to be amazed with the quality that the image gets after applying this option.
  • Color: This option colors photos in black and white. You are going to hallucinate.
  • Label: Allows us to say who appears in the photo.
  • Share.
  • Other options Among which appears the option to save a photo on the reel or delete it from the platform.

The improvements that old photos get are brutal, with the features of automatic photo enhancement and of color. We encourage you to try them because, really, they blew us away.

So that you can see the level of these editing functions, we leave you a video in which we show you how the Deep nostalgia:

Here is the download link for this great app:

Download MyHeritage

Without further ado and hoping that you have found this application interesting, see you shortly with more news, tutorials, apps … to get the most out of your devices. Manzana.



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