App to download videos on the iPhone in a very simple way

App to download videos on the iPhone in a very simple way

If you are looking for an application with which you can download videos on iPhone, we are going to talk about one of the simplest that we have downloaded to our device.

App to download videos on the iPhone

If we are characterized by something, it is because we bring you the best iPhone and iPad apps. We are always testing applications, watching videos, consulting websites … to find gold among the large number of apps in the world. App Store. Today we bring you one of those pearls that are hard to find and that will come in handy for many of you

We have told you about many video download apps. The last, we remember, is an app that allows download instagram videos, in the iPhone, in a very easy way. Well, today we have found one that will allow us to download videos from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube… Quickly and easily.

InstDown Video, an app to download videos on the iPhone:

Although since Safari videos can be downloaded, the process to do it is a bit tedious. That is why there are apps like the one we are going to talk about today. InstDown Video it is quite a discovery:

InstDown Video interface

InstDown Video interface

We download it and when we see the application interface we will realize how simple it is.

We simply have to put the link of the video that we want to download on the reel of our iPhone or iPad. Then we click on the download button, characterized by a cloud, and after “enjoying” the odd ad, it will ask us for the resolution at which we want to download it. Once chosen, it will be downloaded directly to the device’s photo gallery.

It will save the video on our reel as long as we have given it permission to access our photos.

What do you think?. Of course, if you are going to give it a lot of use, you are interested in buying the integrated purchase that it has. For € 3.49 we will forget about the blissful announcements.

We leave you the download link below in case you want to try this wonderful app.

Download InstDown Video



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