App to check Lottery, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Euromillions …

App to check Lottery, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Euromillions ...

We have finally found it. A app to check lottery without having to play the bets of which we want to see the results.

App to check lottery

It has cost us but at last we have found one of the iPhone apps that has cost us the most to find. An app that allows us to check the combinations we play with friends, without having to validate the ticket and pay for it.

There are vast applications of this type in the App Store, but in most cases, the bet must be paid so that the app will notify you, automatically, if something has touched you in the combinations you play, for example, with friends, family, colleagues…. This is something that was making us head over heels. We did not want to pay the bet in the app, since a friend already does it, but we do want to know, automatically, if something has touched us.

We have finally found the app for it.

The «CG: Lottery results» app allows us to check the lottery from the iPhone without having to pay the bet:

After a long time testing all kinds of apps in this regard, we have found CG: Lottery Results, the perfect tool to include the combinations you want from Primitive, Bonoloto, Euromillions… And know if you have been lucky without having to validate and pay each one of those bets.

CG: Lottery Results

CG: Lottery Results

It is very simple to use and the interface is very attractive. At the bottom we see a menu with the following options:

  • Results: The last results of each of the lotteries that exist will appear.
  • Checker: We can check any combination by entering the numbers by hand or by scanning the QR code of the ticket.
  • My favourites: Our favorite bets are stored.
  • Settings: It allows us to configure the notices of the lotteries that interest us the most.

How to check if your numbers have come out in Euromillions, Primitiva, Bonoloto, Gordo …:

If like us you do not want to pay to validate the bets, what you have to do is the following:

  1. Click on the option “Checker” that appears in the lower menu.
  2. We choose the option “Choose the numbers manually”.
  3. We select the draw to which the combination that we want to check belongs belongs and click on “Check”.
  4. We select the numbers of the combinations. If we want to enter more than one combination, we will click on “Add numbers” to add as many as we want.
  5. When we have them, click on “Check!”.
  6. After checking if something has touched us, we have to do the most important thing. Tap on “Add to Favorites”.
App CG: Lottery Results

Add the combination to your favorites

In this way, every time we want to check if something has touched us, by clicking on the menu “My favourites”, we will access all these combinations and by selecting the bets that we want to check and on the day of the draw, it will tell us if we have played something or not.

Favorite lottery bets

Favorite lottery bets

Undoubtedly a great app for people who play the lottery in clubs or with friends, family, colleagues….

It is very important to activate notifications to know when the results of the raffles are available, to enter the app and check your combinations saved in favorites,

Download CG: Lottery Results



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