App that copies real objects with your iPhone and pastes them on your computer

App that copies real objects with your iPhone and pastes them on your computer

We are going to talk about an application that works magic. A tool that copy real objects of your environment, with the iPhone, and sends them to your computer. We will explain everything below.

ClipDrop, the app that copies real objects and digitizes them

Without a doubt we are facing one of those iPhone apps that leave you with your mouth open. We haven’t found any that did it for a long time and it just arrived ClipDrop to carry the copy paste to another level.

This tool allows us to focus on any object that we have around us, capture it and send it to our computer as a PNG image. A fantastic format to include it in any photographic composition we make, in which the object is shown without any white background. Undoubtedly an app that many people are going to get a lot of juice from.

ClipDrop, the app that copies real objects with the iPhone and sends them to your computer:

In the following video, right at the minute 6:44, we talk about this application. We give you a demonstration of how it works that will surely leave you with your mouth open, just as it happened to us:

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The app, to get the most out of it, we also have to install it on our computer. From the following link you can download ClipDrop on your PC or MAC.

ClipDrop screenshots for iOS

ClipDrop screenshots for iOS

Once we have it installed in the iPhone and computer, we sign up for the service (It’s free). Now to digitize any real object, we simply have to do the following:

  • Open the app on the iPhone and focus on the object that we want to send to the computer. When focusing it, if it does not take the capture automatically, press on the screen to take it.
  • Once we see the object on the screen, we will open the application on the computer and when we have it active, we will focus with our iPhone on the PC or MAC screen.
  • At that moment the image should be transferred automatically. If it doesn’t, click on the “Drop” button that appears at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

In this simple way we will digitize any object.

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Now we have to go to an image editor to be able to work with this capture and apply it to a photo, background, compositionā€¦.

Truly a marvel of application that literally works magic.

Download ClipDrop


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