App that allows you to impersonate faces. Put on the face of the famous you want

We are talking about an application that is becoming very fashionable. A app that allows you to impersonate faces In a very simple way. As interesting as it is criticized, a tool for Deepfake.

App to impersonate faces on iPhone

App to impersonate faces on iPhone

If you are one of the people who are amazed to see how a person can put on the face of a famous person, simply focusing with the iPhone, you have reached the correct article. We tell you about one of the iPhone applications, of the moment. We introduce you to Impressions.

A while ago we spoke to you ZAO, an app of Deepfake who was killing him in China. In a very simple way to superimpose faces of anyone and make videos of the most curious. The fusion of the face on people’s faces is not at all noticeable and it is as interesting as it is dangerous. This is one of the reasons why this app has not made the leap to our country.

That is why we have found a similar application that allows us to do the same action.

Impressions lets you impersonate faces. App to change faces [DeepFake]:

At the end of this article we share the download link of this application. Once we urge it upon entering it, we come across a presentation where we are told, in English, basic notions for using the app. Among them is removing your glasses, not covering your face, focusing only on one face at a certain distance, not making sudden movements …

After this it will encourage us to subscribe to the service. You don’t have to. By clicking on the “x” that appears at the top right of the screen, you will skip this step.

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If you have not subscribed we have to tell you that the Impressions it only allows to make a recording, of 10 seconds and with the face that you want, a week. To do this, choose one of those that appears in your glossary of faces.

Celebrity faces to impersonateCelebrity faces to impersonate

Celebrity faces to impersonate

After choosing it I will ask us to give permission to all these functions of our iPhone. This will only ask you once.

Permissions for the Impressions appPermissions for the Impressions app

Impressions app permissions

Now is when we will have to record the video.

Recording interfaceRecording interface

Recording interface

We recorded it and after doing so it will ask us if we want to share the created video, publicly on the social network of Impressions. It is up to you to accept it or not.

After this the video will be uploaded and it will take a while to process to show the result. Once it does, the application will notify you by notification, provided you have given it permission, that the video is ready. If you have not activated the notifications, you see entering the app until you see that the videos are available.

With Tom Hanks' faceWith Tom Hanks' face

With the face of Tom Hanks

This video can be downloaded on our reel iPhone by pressing the share key that appears on the screen. That yes, it will do with the watermark of the app.

The app, for free, allows you to impersonate some faces:

When you go to record another video, if you have not registered on the platform, an option will appear that allows you to record 2 more videos at no cost.

How to impersonate free facesHow to impersonate free faces

How to impersonate faces for free

If you want to record more videos, you simply have to register in Impressions. You have 3 days trial after which you will be charged € 5.49 a week.

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If you do not want to pay the subscription but want to enjoy the 3-day trial, you can sign up and, after doing so, unsubscribe as follows:

Videos of people making faces of celebrities:

If you want to see videos of users putting on the faces of celebrities, simply click on the menu characterized by a house silhouette, on the bottom menu of the screen.

In it you can see the potential and the good results that are obtained using this app.

We hope you found this app interesting and that you share this article on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.

Download Impressions


The use of this app is the responsibility of the user who downloads and uses it from their device. If you want to know more about the use that this application makes of your private data, we advise you to click below to access all the information about the Impressions app privacy policy.

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