Animal racing game for iPhone and iPad

Animal racing game for iPhone and iPad

We bring you a game that is being widely downloaded worldwide. An app of animal racing in which we will have to choose the best animal to advance, as quickly as possible, in each part of the journey of each phase.

Animal racing game for iOS

If you are looking for games for iphone to those who half the world is flawed, you are in the right place. As you know, every Sunday we talk about the fashion game. It is usually a simple game to play and very addictive. This week we are talking about Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D.

The only bad thing about these types of games is that they have a lot of publicity. Some of these applications give the option to remove the ads by making a small payment in-app. Others, like the one we show you today, do not give that option. That is why we give you a tutorial with which you can play ad-free in these types of apps.

This animal racing game is the fashion game in the middle of the world:

The game, at first, will seem somewhat complicated but nothing is further from reality. By playing 2 games you will know what the subject is about and you will see that it is very easy to play.

Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D

Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D

We simply have to choose, from the animals that appear at the bottom of the screen, the one that best suits the area of ​​the route that we are going to travel. For example, if we are going to go through water, it is best to choose a fish. If we are going to go over a cliff, it is best to choose a bird … see how easy it is?

As we go beyond levels these will become more complex and our rivals will be much better. At the beginning they are very slow and allow us to win with complete peace of mind.

A very downloaded game in USA this week and that, for sure, will take the TOP 5 downloads from many countries in the coming days and weeks. We bring it exclusively for you.

Download Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D



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