Android users unprotected against possible harassment with the Airtag

Android users unprotected against possible harassment with the Airtag

Since the Airtag one of the topics that is most talked about is the possible harassment that can be exercised by misusing them. Users of Android They are much more affected in this aspect and we will tell you about it below.

AirTag with iPhone

In one of our articles on Airtags We are talking about how a user can realize that he is transporting, without consent, one of these devices thanks to the notifications from your iPhone. This would give away the person to whom this little locator belongs.

But in the event that the person you want to spy on has a phone Android, it will be much more unprotected against this type of unwanted follow-up.

In this case, three days after that Airtag far from its owner, an alarm would be activated that would reveal that we have one of these small devices with us.

Three days is too long to be tracked with an AirTag without your knowledge:

To all this we must add that the alarm is activated after three days as long as the AirTag is not within the scope of iPhone have it paired.

This means that stalkers who live with people with terminal Android can constantly match a AirTag so that they do not trigger the alert. This is highly dangerous for people who are harassed, for example, by their spouses.

Manzana You have been thinking about the type of stalker who does not know the victim or who does not live with her under the same roof but … what happens when the harassed person lives in the same place as the stalker?

Manzana should be associated with Google to create a cross-platform safeguard, the same way you did with contact tracing COVID-19. In this way, users of Android would get the same level of protection as iPhone owners, in the event of improper use of the AirTag.

What’s your opinion about it?.


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