Analysis Mi band 6, after 3 weeks of use. Do I change my Apple Watch?

Analysis Mi band 6, after 3 weeks of use.  Do I change my Apple Watch?

Greetings to all! Well, I’m back to the load, after three weeks of use, I bring you the analysis of the Mi band 6 from Xiaomi. I want to emphasize before starting the analysis that the bracelet we analyzed has not been donated by any supplier, so this opinion is totally impartial.

Mi Band 6 analysis

That said, I anticipate that if you are looking for a bracelet that helps you keep track of your activity, for example to get fit in summer, or simply to change your habits for healthier ones, this Xiaomi Mi Band 6 It is one of the options to consider.

Without a doubt and as we always say, it is one of the iPhone accessories with better value for money.

Mi Band 6 analysis:

I will start talking about the screen and I will continue with autonomy, sports monitoring, health….


The most significant thing in this version, with respect to the Mi Band 5, is that Xiaomi says goodbye to the rectangular screen and now uses all the available surface. Thus, the screen diagonal increases from 1.1 to 1.56 inches, and the resolution of 126 x 294 dpi to 152 x 486 dpi. As a novelty, we also find a tempered glass to protect the surface; The bracelet itself remains water resistant to 5 ATM.

Mi Band 6 screen

Mi Band 6 display

Another detail that I do not want to overlook is the change (for the better in my opinion) in the charger. Now we don’t have to fit the My band In complicated chargers that do not finish exerting pressure correctly, we just have to bring the charger closer … It is magnetic!

Magnetic charger Mi Band 6

Magnetic charger Mi Band 6


Following in the line of comparison with me Watch SE, I will tell you that here the My band win by a landslide. I took it out of the box 3 weeks ago, and it still shows a 15% battery, and without having loaded it yet. It is true that it does not have integrated GPS, and its screen is significantly inferior in quality and size, but still, for me, it is a clear winner. Remember that it has a 125 mAh battery.

Health and sport on the Mi Band 6:

One of the main changes in this version is related to its sport modes. I can not bring you a great training, because I do not practice any sport assiduously, but I have taken a walk with the My band 6 on a doll and the Apple watch in the other, and these are the results:

Exercise with Mi Band 6

Exercise with Mi Band 6

The average heart rates are very similar, as well as the route. But there is quite a bit of variation in terms of distance traveled and average pace. Regarding the battery consumption, I charged the Mi band 6 and the Watch before leaving, and once the exercise was finished, the mi band showed 84% battery, and the Apple watch, 42%. I remember that Watch SE has built-in GPS, and the mi band uses the iPhone, which went almost the entire route in my hand.

Sleep analysis on the Band:

In the same way, I have slept one night, and a nap with the My band on one arm and the Watch in another, and these are the results. The app I use for sleep monitoring in ios it is AutoSleep.

Dream on Mi Band 6

Dream on Mi Band 6

If you look there are quite a few variations. I went to bed around 1.15am and got up at 7.30am. In that sense the My band did not detect that I had woken up, but the Watch SE, Yes. However, only the Xiaomi gadget detected the nap.

Now I want to tell you about heart rate measurement and the famous SPO2. As in the previous test, I have also measured my heart rate for 24 hours with both devices, in the case of the Watch with the app Heart Analyzer.

FC on Mi Band 6

FC on Mi Band 6

In the same way, I wanted to make a measurement of my SPO2 (the latter is not measured by my Watch SE) and the result has been this:

Spo2 function

Spo2 function

Here, draw your own conclusions …

Opinion on Mi Band 6 after 3 weeks of use:

We are really facing what for me will once again be the best seller of Xiaomi. A light device, with good autonomy, submersible and at a much more than affordable price.

There are aspects to improve, such as scrolling through the menus, the inclusion of the GPS in the device itself … But in my opinion it is a gadget that should be taken into account for iPhone users who cannot or do not want to buy a Apple watch.

Without a doubt, one of the best wearables currently available for iPhone. I leave you the purchase link to satisfy the most capricious!

Buy Mi Band 6


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