An easy way to create an administrator account in Windows 8 and 10

An easy way to create an administrator account in Windows 8 and 10

This short tutorial will explain how to create administrator account in Windows 8. The reason is simple, with administrator privilege we will have full access and control of Windows. By default, Windows disables the administrator account for security reasons. On the other hand, this policy restricts certain program executions that require administrator permission. Well there are plenty of ways to get around it manually (I found 5 ways myself). But more benefits are available if you have an administrator account.

Follow these steps to create and activate the Admnistrator account for your Windows 8:

  1. Open the Run command or just press Start + R (see more Windows default shortcut) »Type secpol.msc to open Windows Local Security Policy.
  2. Choose Local policies »Security options, see the right pane click on Accounts: Administrator account status
  3. Double click on Accounts: Administrator account status “to display its properties. The radio button is in the” disabled “position by default. Now choose” enabled “, this will enable the” Administrator account “» Apply.
  4. In some cases, you will need to restart your computer (usually not required)
  5. To see if the administrator account is available, click on start (thumbnail menu), see the upper left corner showing your current account. Now click on it, the administrator account will now be available.

It wasn’t that hard, right? Congratulations, now You have true access and full control of your Windows 8. You can also add a password or picture password to protect your account. Give it a try!

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