Among Us !, the fun game that is all the rage around the world

Among Us !, the fun game that is all the rage around the world

Among Us! is a very entertaining game that has become, in a very short time, one of the most popular games of the moment in the world.

Among us!  it's the game of the moment

Among us! it’s the game of the moment

Today it is very common for certain games cause a furor in no time. And that’s what happened to the game we are talking about today, Among us!, which although it was launched in 2018 has become massively popular lately, and it is likely that many of you know it.

In the game we are in a spaceship. Everything seems normal, but between us there is one (or several) impostor whose mission to win is to kill all the crew of the ship.

In Among Us! we can be crew members or impostors with different missions

Under this premise, when we start a game the game will inform us if we are crew members or, on the contrary, we are impostors. Depending on the role that we have played, our missions will be completely different.

Among us!  Popular game iphone win

Among us!  Popular game iphone win Will you be a crew member or an impostor?

Yes, we are crew We will have to perform a series of missions that, if all the crew members complete, they will be the ones who win. But while we will also have to be careful that the impostor does not kill us.

We will also have to notify if we find any dead. In that case we will have to notify it and discuss among all the crew who may be the impostor to kick him off the ship and thus win.

Among us!  Game win imposter iphone ipad

Among us!  Game win imposter iphone ipadFake missions as an impostor

If, on the contrary, we are impostors, we will have to kill the crew by performing false tasks to confuse the rest of the crew, preventing them from seeing us and hiding in order to win. If we can fool everyone, we can win.

The game is fully downloadable and playable free. It is true that it includes in-app purchases to buy customization items, but they are not necessary to be able to play the game as such. If you haven’t tried it and you like this type of game, we recommend it.

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