Amazon wants to make Alexa fully compatible with iOS

Amazon wants to make Alexa fully compatible with iOS

Amazon are looking for a way for your virtual assistant Alexa, through its smart speakers, you can get to replace Siri in the iPhone and iPad.

Amazon smart speakers

In the world of virtual assistants there are two, Siri and Google Assistant, that due to the introduction in the market of devices with Android and iOS and iPadOS, they have the agglutination of practically all the use that is given to them.

But there is a virtual assistant that must also be taken into account. We talk about Alexa, the assistant Amazon. This wizard is present in the form of an application to iPhone and iPad, but it is also present in the intelligent speakers of Amazon. And, from the looks of it, Amazon wants to Alexa be fully compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Amazon would achieve this through Alexa for Apps and Deep Links

This compatibility to which it aspires to compete and dethrone Siri from the iPhone and the iPad is based on a function called Alexa for Apps. This feature, currently under development, allows users to Alexa access content and functionality in applications and web pages.

And the main idea to make it more compatible Alexa with iOS is that it can do operations that it does Siri. Operations such as opening apps by voice commands, as well as websites and other types of functions, without the need to open the app and directly from one of the speakers Amazon.

Amazon Alexa appAmazon Alexa app

The Alexa app on the App Store

This is supposed to be achieved through the use of so-called Deep Links. These links allow direct access to certain content automatically and this is what the function would take advantage of Alexa for Apps to open apps and perform more functions on devices with iOS and iPadOS.

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Of course, everything that gives users more possibilities is always welcome. Even more considering that there are many users of iPhone and iPad They have an Amazon smart speaker in their homes. What do you think about it?


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