All the novelties of iOS 15 presented at WWDC21

All the novelties of iOS 15 presented at WWDC21

We bring you all the news of iOS 15 that we have seen in the Apple presentation on June 7, 2021, among other things.

All the news we’ve seen from iOS 15

Today we bring you all what’s new in iOS 15. Without a doubt the new version of iOS that we have been waiting for a long time and of which we already know everything.

We always look forward to new versions of iOS, although they always end up disappointing because they are not what we expect. Basically because we always expect visual changes, which we have not seen for several versions. But we never look at the changes inside.

In this case, it was not going to be less, we see a version similar to iOS 14, in which they sell us that it is polished … but we already know this story. Even so, we are going to see what news this new version presents.

What’s New in iOS 15 Unveiled at WWDC21

As we have mentioned, at first glance we do not have major changes, although there are native apps that have undergone some improvement. But we are going to list each and every one of them:

They have improved the audio, incorporating spatial audio, we also have the portrait mode, we can create a link to share the video call, we can also share the screen with streaming apps …

  • iMessage improved too
  • Redesigned notification system:

Perhaps one of the things that we have already asked Apple for some time, and they are smart notifications. These will be grouped based on those that are important to us or not, we can postpone those that we do not want to see at that moment … In short, a notification center that we were crying out for.

  • The camera incorporates a new function:

They have presented us with the Live Text function, which by its name we can already get an idea. The camera will be able to detect a text, which we can copy and paste anywhere else.

  • Spotlight improvements.
  • The Photos app also incorporates new features.
  • Wallet has also undergone changes.
  • New Siri Features.
  • The Weather app has also improved.
  • Apple Maps have also had some other changes, like 3D maps.

In addition, this new version will be available for all the devices that we will see below in the following list:

These are all the news that we have been able to see with the naked eye. From today we will be testing the betas and we will inform about everything that we are seeing. So as we always tell you, be very attentive, because we are going to tell you everything.


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