All the news presented at the Apple Event in April 2021

All the news presented at the Apple Event in April 2021

We bring you all the news that we have seen in the presentation of the Apple Event in April 2021, where new products have been launched.

News from the April 2021 Apple Event

Today we are going to show the new products launched by Apple. A presentation in which we have seen the AirTags, the Apple TV, the iMac and the new iPad.

Undoubtedly, all the forecasts that had been announced so far have been fulfilled. Apple has not disappointed and has presented one by one all its new products. And also, in the best way that those from Cupertino have, which is by creating that need to want that product at all costs.

In this article we collect all those products and show them to you in the fastest and easiest way, so that you can see it at a glance. Stay until the end, because there is surprise.

News presented at the Apple Event in April 2021

In the first instance, Apple has presented us with what has already been rumored for a long time, which are those famous AirTags that we all knew and that we had not seen yet from Apple.

April 1 Apple Event

The AirTags

These tiny devices have the following characteristics:

  • It works with the U1 chip of the iPhone.
  • Each has its own speaker.
  • They connect through iPhones from all over the world, without putting your privacy at risk.
  • All from the Search app.
  • They will be launched from next April 30.
  • Its price is € 35.

After the presentation of the AirTags, it is the turn of the new Apple TV 4K. A device that was already putting change and although on the outside, it seems the same, on the inside it has improved considerably. Apple guarantees us a much sharper image that we can also configure with the iPhone …

New products

New Apple TV 4K

The characteristics of this Apple TV are the following:

  • It has an A12 Bionic Chip.
  • High frequency HDR.
  • It supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
  • New command with Siri Remote.
  • Sharpness setting using your iPhone.
  • Its price starts at € 199.
  • It can be booked from April 30.
  • It will be available the second half of May.

Now comes the turn of the new iMac. Without a doubt, from our point of view, he was the star of this presentation. Incredible these new Apple computers, which come in various colors.

New range of colors, among other things

New iMac

The characteristics of these new iMac are the following:

  • Chip M1.
  • 11.3 million pixel screen, with True Tone.
  • 1080p FaceTime camera.
  • Screen resolution 4.5K.
  • A studio-quality microphone.
  • Much more powerful speakers.
  • 2 Thunderbolts-C ports.
  • 4 USB-C ports.
  • New power connector that incorporates the Ethernet port.
  • Keyboards with built-in TouchID.
  • They come in 7 colors: green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and silver.
  • 24 inch screen.
  • Its price starts at € 1,449.
  • It can be booked from April 30.

And we finish with the new iPad Pro, a design similar to the one we already had, but that also incorporates the M1 Chip like the Mac.

Apple Event April 4

New iPad Pro

The characteristics of this new iPad have little to envy those of a Mac … except for its operating system:

  • It incorporates the M1 Chip.
  • They come with 8 cores.
  • Increase your storage up to 2TB.
  • USB-C port that is compatible with Thunderbolt.
  • The LTE version has 5G.
  • It is compatible with 6K displays.
  • We have a wide angle camera at the rear.
  • In terms of design, it is the same as its predecessor.
  • The 11-inch iPad starts at € 879.
  • The 12.9-inch iPad starts from € 1,199
  • It can be booked from April 30.
  • Available the second half of May.

And also, we have left you a final surprise, so if you have come this far, PERFECT !! Apple has presented us with a new iPhone 12 in purple

Apple Event April 5

New iPhone 12 purple

And these have been all the news that Apple has presented to us at today’s event. A quick summary to get an idea of ​​all those news.


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