All the news of the new iPadOS 14 of the 2020 Keynote

All the news of the new iPadOS 14 of the 2020 Keynote

We show you the news of the new iPadOS 14 that we have seen in the Apple presentation of this June 2020, for all iPads.

iPadOS 14

All the news from iPadOS 14

After the presentation is over, it is time to talk about iPadOS 14. Without a doubt, one more step from the iPad to gradually distance yourself more from the iPhone.

If you have an iPad, you may have already verified by now that it is distancing itself from the iPhone little by little. And is that with the arrival of iPadOS, a supposed new operating system for Apple tablets, we have seen this change. Well, today, we have continued to see this change.

In APPerlas we are going to show you all those news that have caught our attention the most and that are worth showing.

What’s New in iPadOS 14

So without further ado, we are going to list all those news and you can also tell us what you found:

  • The home screen will be very similar to that of iOS 14, with the on-screen widgets.
  • Renewed Photos app, ordered by folders … very MAC-style.

  • As in the iPhone, the calls will not fill the entire screen, it will appear as a notification.
  • Improvements in the Appel Pencil, with the possibility of going from handwritten text to normal text.
  • The music app is updated for iPad and changes to full screen to improve lyrics reading.
  • We can connect AirPods at the same time on both iPhone and iPad, to change quickly.
  • The drawings made by hand with the Pencil improve, with corrections when making lines, for example.

These are at first glance, those novelties that have caught our attention the most, although as we have commented with iOS 14. We will be checking more news when we have it in our hands and we can do a more in-depth analysis of this new system for iPads.

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