All the news of iOS 14 seen at WWDC 2020

All the news of iOS 14 seen at WWDC 2020

We show you all the what’s new in iOS 14 that we have been able to see and discover during the Keynote of June 2020 by Apple.

iOS 14

All the news from iOS 14

Today we are going to talk about all the news of iOS 14. A brief summary with the best of this new Apple operating system that always surprises.

Every year, we look forward to the arrival of this presentation from Apple in which you show us the news of the new iOS. This year was not going to be less and although different for the already known Covid-19, Apple has not left anyone indifferent. In APPerlas We are going to show you all these news.

So if you have not been able to see the Keynote and you do not want to miss anything, we bring you the best summary and with the news that really matters.

What’s new in iOS 14 seen in the Keynote

Then we are going to list all these news that we have seen in the Apple presentation and that you will surely love:

  • The main one that has caught our attention the most has been that the calls will no longer occupy the entire screen when they call us.
  • We will finally have widgets on screen, with a completely renewed home screen.
Widgets on the home screenWidgets on the home screen

Widgets on the home screen

  • Within the folders, we will see that there are applications that look larger than others … these will be the ones we use the most.
  • Arrival of AppLibrary, an efficient way to sort applications by categories.
  • The tab <> It has also been modified and now we will see more information, with the possibility of being able to drag those widgets to the main screen.
  • We can modify the widgets to the size we want, that is, they will be fully customizable.
  • Renovation of Siri, which takes up less space and can also send audio messages. Also new, it includes the possibility of translating live. These translations will go to a new app called <>.
  • Improvements also in group conversations in iMessage.
What's New in iMessageWhat's New in iMessage

New in iMessage

  • More than 20 new memojis that we can customize with more accessories.
  • Improvements in Apple maps, such as the possibility of choosing bike lanes, walking …
  • Improvements in NFC to improve purchases and make them much faster.
  • Notification when the microphone and camera are being used in the background.
Witness of use of camera and / or microphoneWitness of use of camera and / or microphone

Camera and / or microphone use indicator

These are the most outstanding news we have seen. But as always happens, when we have iOS 14 in our possession, we will discover more and more things. So always be vigilant to APPerlas and you will not miss a thing.

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iPhone compatible with iOS 14:

This is the official list of devices compatible with iOS 14 that, remember, will be officially launched in the fall for all iOS users.

iPhone compatible with iOS 14iPhone compatible with iOS 14

iPhone compatible with iOS 14



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