All the news from WatchOS 8 presented at WWDC21

All the news from WatchOS 8 presented at WWDC21

We bring you all the news from WatchOS 8 that we have seen at WWDC21 and in which interesting things have been seen for the watch.

All the news in WatchOS 8

Today we talk about what’s new in WatchOS 8. The latest version of Apple’s smart watch and from which great things were expected.

Everyone, when an Apple presentation approaches, maybe we expect to see something that surprises us. And the truth is that we have been surprised for a while with few things. In this case, we see a version of WatchOS that looks more like a major update from the previous version.

Even so, we are going to list all those news that have caught our attention the most and that it is important for you to take into account.

All the news from WatchOS 8 seen at WWDC21

As we have commented, we have not seen a revolution with respect to this version, but they have improved things and polished the system, thus having a version 8 much better than the previous one.

So without further ado, we are going to list each and every one of the ones we have seen during the presentation:

  • Possibility of monitoring respiration from the health app.
  • New app to meditate.
  • A new animation of breathing.
  • We have Pilates and Tan Chi training.
  • More workouts on Apple Fitness +.
  • New spheres, with movement.
  • Now we can search GIFs from the Watch.
  • A totally redesigned Photos app.
  • Smart notifications as in iOS 15.
  • Improved sleep app.
WatchOS 8 1

The most outstanding

As you can see, these are significant news to us, but we will have a much better and more productive watch thanks to this version 8 of WatchOS.

If you are waiting for the compatibility of this OS with your device, we leave you below the list with each and every one of the Apple Watch with which it is compatible …

WatchOS 8 2

Device compatibility

At the moment Apple has not communicated a launch date, but we will be aware of everything and to know more, we will inform you about it.


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