All the details of WWDC 2020 are already known

All the details of WWDC 2020 are already known

Manzana has sent an email to all the developers in which it reveals all the details about the WWDC 2020.

wwdc June 2020

Less is missing for WWDC

We are 10 days away from one of the most important events in the world of Apple: the WWDC. This year, due to the pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19, the WWDC will be something different and it is to be held entirely online.

By having a completely different format to the one we are used to, more considering the circumstances, it could be expected that Manzana will choose to reduce content. But this has not been the case. WWDC, however much it is online, it will be the same as the previous ones.

This WWDC 2020 online remains practically the same as the face-to-face

The start date, as many of you will know, is June 22, and the conference will last until the 26th. The start of the conference, as it could not be otherwise, will be with the Keynote in which, at 7 p.m. Spanish time, Manzana It will show us the future of its operating systems.

This Keynote It can be followed online, by anyone who wants and, after its completion, at 11 pm Spanish time, it will begin Platform State of the Union where developers can learn more about new operating systems.

wwdc 2020 online developer conference keynote ios 14wwdc 2020 online developer conference keynote ios 14

What do you expect from future Apple operating systems?

The Keynote is the event of the WWDC that more expectation generates between developers and non-developers. But WWDC is the event for developers and that is why, as in other years, there are specific events for them.

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From the 23rd to the end on the 26th, Manzana has prepared different sessions. Thus, there will be more than 100 sessions public with numerous videos made by the engineers of Manzana, as well as the possibility of arranging individual sessions between developers and engineers of Manzana to drill down into details.

Of course it is a success that Manzana have chosen to keep the WWDC 2020 just as it had been. There is less and less to discover which holds Apple’s operating systems. What do you expect from the presentation?


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