AirTags could be much closer than we think

AirTags could be much closer than we think

The AirTags of Manzana They could be getting closer and closer to its launch as it has been learned thanks to a leak.

AirTags would be almost ready

There are a products of Manzana which has been talked about for a long time and they still do not see the light. We talk about the AirTags, some labels that Apple would be thinking of launching to locate any object that we want through the app Search from our iPhone.

And it is that although these products have been mentioned since April 2020 Apple has not finished presenting them. But, although it has not yet officially presented them, it is leaving clues little by little and today, thanks to a leak, there is a very interesting one.

iOS 14.3 seems to be ready to receive AirTags

From the looks of it, in iOS 14.3, the latest version of iOS, everything would be prepared to receive the AirTags. And it has been discovered that typing a specific address in the Safari browser of iOS, it opens the Search app with a new section.

The web address is “Findmy: // items”. By accessing it, Safari It will tell us if we want to open the Search app and, if we confirm, the app will show us a section that appears to us properly in the application if we access it directly from it.

airtags ios 14.3airtags ios 14.3

The new section that appears in Search

In this section Look for It will give us the option to add accessories and objects compatible with the application. These accessories or objects would undoubtedly be the future AirTags and, when available, we could locate any object that carried the AirTags, as well as seeing it in the app Search.

In fact, the section itself gives us the options of Add Objects and Identify Found Objects although, at the moment, neither these options nor the one to obtain more information work. This means that although iOS is prepared for AirTags, there is no more information about them yet.

What do you think that the launch of this product is getting closer and closer? In case it was an interesting product, would you be willing to purchase the AirTags?


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