AirPods MAX opinion after a week of use

AirPods MAX opinion after a week of use

As I said before, I have been lucky enough to spend a few days with the AirPods Max. The truth is that its sound and design are spectacular, but the price is not.

Opinion about the Airpods MAX

The AirPods Max are some wireless headphones headband, built in a material that does not weigh or discomfort the slightest, and now that it is hot, it does not cause it at all. They perspire super well although, let’s see, in the long term the issue of condensation … there have already been people who complained about it in the middle of winter.

They are round, very beautiful and with a very good sound quality (according to the experts, who are not experts), but I do not know if for the € 629 that they cost considering that the cable mini jack to lightning you have to buy it separately … and in Manzana cost € 39.

AirPods MAX are not for everyone:

Taking into account the above, the AirPods Max They are not made to be purchased by all audiences. Professional artists don’t want it because they don’t have cable and the sound quality isn’t the best for them. This leads us to think that AirPods Max they are not made for an audience Pro, but yes semi Pro, people with Podcast Y Youtubers, as well as “ordinary” people who want and can enjoy a good quality without caring about the money.

Apple Airpods MAX

Apple Airpods MAX

For me and a public of my professional profile, they are not the most suitable. They are extremely expensive for my simple use. I would enjoy them for the new Apple Music features, but Manzana you have already said that they are not compatible. I listen to music, the odd one Podcast and I watch the odd series or movie. I don’t think I’m going to get any use out of them.

After spending a week with them, I admit that they are good, very good, but no better than the Sony wh-1000xm4, which cost half and do include a connection cable. I wouldn’t buy them, really, but if they let me again I won’t say no. The quality of the construction materials is unique and very good, really. They are very light and it shows.

Do the € 629 what are they worth ?. Maybe yes to differentiate them from those used by the general public, but I would not buy them, I also know people who have had many failures … Would you buy them?

If you start to buy them here we leave you one fantastic offer to get them at a good price.


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