After 17 months, Apple reopens all its stores worldwide

After 17 months, Apple reopens all its stores worldwide

Since the month of March 2020 the state of alarm was decreed in Spain, the stores that own the Cupertino in our country, they closed. The same happened with Apple Store worldwide the March 27, 2020. But today, for the first time since then, they have all opened.

Apple store

The pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID- 19), has meant a change when it comes to working for all companies and Manzana it has not been less. Teleworking has been imposed in companies and online sales as well.

The online sale of Manzana it is very good, possibly as good as face-to-face and non-contact. Maybe people prefer it.

The global incidence of the virus is declining thanks to vaccination, so Manzana is considering the possibility of not using the mask in its stores. I wouldn’t, but they will know.

Apple opens all its Apple Stores but visiting them will be our decision:

The decision to visit or not a Manzana StoreCurrently, it depends on you, on your fears. I, for example, am not ready to go to a store and touch products that others have touched before, but maybe you are.

During this last year I have had the opportunity to buy, via online, several products from Manzana and they have been brought home to me very effectively. And that’s a very good point.

It is true that there are things for which you need to go to a physical store, but less and less, the truth. I am so happy with how online products are used and their security, that here they have a new client, who is sure to order most of the new products online, although that of seeing it off-site and being able to touch them….

I don’t think I’m going anywhere for now Manzana Store, and you?.

I am interested in your opinion, leave it for me here below and so we can share impressions.


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