Advanced lock screen with ScreenBlur for Windows

Advanced lock screen with ScreenBlur for Windows

Protect your computer from unauthorized users with this cool free lock screen app, “ScreenBlur”. As we know, Microsoft introduced the lock screen app in Windows 8. Unfortunately, there are only a few options to customize with limited preferences. Good news, there is a new one really stylish lock screen app, it’s called ScreenBlur. This tiny but powerful application offers advanced options such as password, automation, keyboard shortcuts with many stylish lock screen interface. Since this ScreenBlur is a standalone app, the lock screen app can also be used for Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. Here are some of its cool features:

  1. Main features: lock windows screen, icons, gadgets, hide visible windows and taskbar.
  2. Password: allows you to add secret password to unlock the screen so that no one else can unlock the screen.
  3. Automation: Allows the program to run automatically on startup, automatically locks the screen when the computer is idle for certain minutes, as well as auto-lock on resume and restart.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts: provide combination of shortcuts to automatically lock, blacken the desktop and open the settings interface.
  5. Logging: logging program and associated events.
  6. There are different lock screen styles available, that’s what I like. You can also use a custom image for your screen lock interface.

Obviously, this little app offers more than the default Windows lock screen. the ScreenBlur is FREE and developed by InDeepSoftware, please visit its site and get the file. Once you have downloaded the file, extract it to a safe folder, as the program will run as a portable application. Open “Screenblur.exe”, about / credit window will appear, press OK to continue with program setup. Fill in the password if and set other options according to your preferences. Now you have the cool screen lock on your computer. Has all its features, simplicity, small size and compatibility with almost all versions of Windows, this app will become my favorite screen locker. And you?

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