Adobe is removing some of its iPhone and iPad apps

Adobe is removing some of its iPhone and iPad apps

Adobe is going to eliminate this same month of July some of its applications from the App Store so they will no longer be available for iPhone neither iPad.

Adobe Photoshop

We all know to a greater or lesser extent some application of Adobe for the iPhone Y iPad. Probably the best known is the same as for computers, Photoshop. But Adobe has many more applications for our iPhone and iPad.

In fact, there are a few applications in addition to the well-known Photoshop that make our lives much easier on devices with iOS and iPadOS. But, from what it seems, Adobe believes that there are too many and that is why it has decided to eliminate some.

Adobe had previously removed other of its applications

Although this could seem alarming, we are not facing the possibility that they will eliminate any of their best-known apps or any of the most used, so in principle most users should not worry.

The apps that Adobe you have decided that you are going to delete there are two: Photoshop Sketch Y Illustrator Draw. The reason they have alleged for this is the final arrival of the app Cool to the App Store which, it seems, integrates all the most used and most popular functions of these two apps from Adobe.

Photoshop Camera app iphone 3

One of the Adobe apps

In addition, they have also reported when the final date of the elimination of both will be: the day July 19. Therefore, until that date arrives, these two applications can continue to be used and downloaded.

While it may be striking that Adobe apps, it does not catch us new. And it is that, not too long ago, he also eliminated from the App Store two other apps that were widely used in iPhone Y iPad: Photoshop Fix Y Photoshop Mix.

What do you think Adobe Have you decided to delete these two apps? Did you use any of them or did you not even know them?


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