Addictive thief game for iPhone. Steal without setting off alarms

Addictive thief game for iPhone.  Steal without setting off alarms

We talk about Rob Master 3D, an addictive thief game for iphone which is being widely downloaded in the most important App Store on the planet. An app that you will get hooked on as soon as you try it.

Rob Master 3D, an addictive thief game for iPhone

Very good apple lovers !. Today I come to bring you the analysis of Rob Master 3D, a game for iphone It has a 4.3 rating of the app store, and is in the first position of the Simulation games at the time of writing this article.

We are facing the typical game for idle moments, while you wait for the bus, the subway … or simply for when you have a moment and you want to entertain yourself. As soon as you run it, and thanks to the update of iOS 14.5 asks us for permission to track our web activity. It is up to you whether you accept it or not.

Rob Master 3D, the most addictive thief game on the App Store:

A priori it is a game with quite simple mechanics. We are a thief and it is about “stealing” the maximum possible objects of the maximum value. For example, in the second level it is about taking free shoes avoiding the look of the shop assistant, who does not take our eyes off us. In another level, we must fraudulently download data from a PC by hanging from the ceiling, in the purest style Mission Impossible.

Rob Master 3D

Steal without a trace

As we advance levels, misdeeds change. Levels as varied as they are enjoyable. From detecting the quality of a diamond, to fleeing the police after a robbery, to rappelling down a facade while collecting diamonds. Endless ingenious crimes, which will make us have a good time.

Like many other games that we can find, this one is also free, but in exchange for them, every time we pass a level, we will be forced to watch a video. These videos are necessary to keep the developer, and that we can continue to enjoy free games, and it is not possible to deactivate them, as in some others that we have already explained, with the deactivation of the data. In this case, we have no choice. However, these videos in addition to helping the developer help us in our progress, since in exchange for seeing one, we will get objects, diamonds, etc. even extra characters and money.

Rob Master 3D review:

My personal assessment of Rob Master 3D it’s a bit ambiguous… This is an entertaining game, but I have to say that after more than 120 levels of testing it, it becomes monotonous and repetitive. In fact, at level 38, at 70, and at 107 we start over, and we start repeating crimes; Randomly, between each level, we will have a bonus level, where we literally shoot tickets at the furniture, in order to improve it.

It is also an aspect to improve, the fact that, if we do not manage to pass a level, and we do not want to see the video to retry, it directly gives it to us for the past, not allowing us to repeat it.

In conclusion, a simple game, for downtime, that does not have too many aspirations. To spend the time. I hope I have helped you to know a little more, like me, it makes you have a good time. We read soon!.

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