Add widgets with links to your home screen with this app

Add widgets with links to your home screen with this app

The app WidgetLink allows us to quickly add widgets with links to the home screen of our devices iOS.

Add links to your home screen

As time passes since the launch of iOS 14 and the presentation of all their novelties, more and more apps are emerging from one of their favorite novelties: the widgets. There are practically any type and many, in addition to offering customization, offer very useful functions.

Among those that offer useful functions we have found the app that we are talking about today, WidgetLink. It allows us to add links to the websites we visit most frequently to the home screen through widgets.

In these widgets with links we can add the websites that we visit the most

Its use is quite simple. As soon as we open it, we will be on the screen from which we can add the links. To do so we have to click on «+ New Link» and then add the Link Title and the Url of the web page that we want to open when clicking on it. At the end you just have to press «Add» and we will have the link created.

widgets with links links widgetlink 2

The screen for adding links

Once all the links we want have been added, we will only have to add the widget, large or medium, to the home screen. The widgets that we add, we can customize them from the Settings of the application itself.

And, among the customization options we have, there is the possibility of choosing an image for each link or obtaining its favicon, as well as the possibility of changing the text and background color, the shape of the icons and the way the title and title are displayed. Url. In this way we can get custom widgets as well as useful ones.

widgets with links links widgetlink 3

Settings to customize our widgets

WidgetLink It is completely free to download and does not include any in-app purchase at this time. A app quite useful for those who constantly consult several websites. We recommend it.

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Download the WidgetLink widget app

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