Add social widgets to your iPhone home screen

Add social widgets to your iPhone home screen

The application Social Widgets allows us to add social widgets to our home screen with our favorite social networks.

Add social widgets to your iPhone home screen

Social widget app

We all more or less agree that the winning features of iOS 14 have been the widgets and automations. And, probably, this is due to the level of customization that both functions allow on the iPhone.

We have already seen several widget related apps, and today we are going to talk about a very interesting one, especially for those who are regulars and quite active in social networks. Is called Social Widgets and it will allow us to add our social networks to the home screen.

In this social widgets app we can add Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok

When we enter the app, we will be directly in the Accounts tab. From this tab, we can add the accounts of the social networks that we want. At the moment, they are only available Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok. And, to add an account of these networks, we have to press “+”, select the social network and write the username.

social widgets 2 social widgetsAdd social widgets to your iPhone home screen

Networks that can be added as a widget

Each of them has its own statistics that we will see in the widgets. For example, that of Instagram will allow us to see the number of followers, and that of Twitter both the number of followers and the number of Tweets on the account.

To add the social widgets, we will have to edit the home screen and select the app widget of the size we want. A widget blank, but if we press it, we can select both the account and the design, to add it to our home screen.

social widgets 1 social widgetsAdd social widgets to your iPhone home screen

The Apperlas Instagram widget

Social Widgets can be downloaded as free. However, in order to access all the designs and complete functions, it is necessary to purchase the Pro version of the app through an integrated purchase of 2,29 €. If you are looking for a way to have a social media counter on your home screen of the iPhone We recommend you download it.

Download the Social Widgets app

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