Add cool visual effects to your video chats with AlterCam

Add cool visual effects to your video chats with AlterCam

Sponsored: If your video chat becomes too boring, you may want to add visual effects to brighten the mood. AlterCam is lightweight webcam software that can add great live video effects, including overlays and borders, to your video chats. Here is our review of the usefulness of this software.

Download and install

Software is available for free download (lowercase) directly from the home page. Currently AlterCam only supports Windows systems for desktops, laptops and laptops, but the company has assured us of macOS support in the future. Installation is easy and a non-intrusive design is useful: it will not replace the existing webcam drivers on your PC. After making a purchase, the code can be activated from the “About” section.

Activation of Altercam 1

AlterCam visual effects features

During installation, AlterCam goes directly to the company by capturing the webcam stream from your Windows computer. The navigation is very simple but detailed. You can add colors and borders to your background and also add an image or video file behind you. Whether you want exotic decor or a party going on, someone on the other end may even believe it for a while!

Altercam 1 backgroundAltercam 1 background

You can add a bunch of overlays, including Santa Claus, the ghostly skull, the curtains, the penguin, the heart shape and many more.

Altercam 1 background overlaysAltercam 1 background overlays

If you are not happy with the lighting in your room, there are many effects that can make your camera look good. Some of the effects of selection are so subtle that no one can tell the difference. Then there are some great effects like stained glass, camera shake and the quadruple mirror. Of course, these should only be used very occasionally.

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All effects can be combined for an intuitive video chat experience. If you don’t like what you are creating, there is always a “reset” option which will return the AlterCam stream to its default state.

Altercam 1 effectsAltercam 1 effects

If you use another program like Zoom, WebEx or Skype, you can convert AlterCam to virtual audio. To do this, you need to install an on-screen driver and change your settings on Skype or other tools. Snapshots can be captured from the video stream between a time interval of 0.5 seconds to 5 seconds.

Altercam Virtual Audio 1Altercam Virtual Audio 1

You can easily change your IP and web cameras, screen resolution and much more from the top menu.

Altercam Cameras Manage 1Altercam Cameras Manage 1

Do you want to take a break during video chat? You can play any video media on your webcam to keep your chatty colleagues entertained in your absence.

Altercam Video Files Manage 1Altercam Video Files Manage 1

You can also change your voice in real time for a number of effects that can provide hours of fun and entertainment. No more boring and repetitive weather conversations!

Altercam Change Voice 1Altercam Change Voice 1

Overall, the combined functionality of AlterCam can dramatically change your video chat experience with friends and family. However, the user interface could use some improvements. For software dedicated to transforming your video chat experience, its user interface seems dated.

Pros and Cons of AlterCam as a Video Chat Enhancer

AlterCam software is a great way to add more color, depth and imagination to your video interactions. With more than 50 live effects, you will never run out of ideas. With the ability to add image overlays and text on and under your videos, you will enjoy a truly interactive experience.

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It supports HD video resolution and uses GPU acceleration to minimize the use of your processor. So it’s one of the lightest webcam management solutions you can find online. A computer broadcast function provides a complete videoconference experience.

There are, however, some drawbacks. All the scenes or overlays that you add must be dragged or resized manually instead of being able to delete them with a simple “Delete” option. It is not intuitive to return to video chat after adding a video from another source during a chat break. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to remove them with a simple finger.

Altercam Dragging 1Altercam Dragging 1

There is also a lack of support for non-Windows desktop users. If you are using macOS or Linux, you will not be able to use this software.


AlterCam is available as a lifetime license with three different price levels. An individual and family license can be activated on two to six computers. If you want to use AlterCam’s special effects for commercial purposes, such as creating a YouTube video, you will need to pay for a commercial license at the highest level.

Altercam 1 licensesAltercam 1 licenses

If you lose your activation code, an “automatic call back” function can be used to send you the license details. They have technical support to help them in these areas.

Our verdict

AlterCam is great software for improving your video chat experiences. The people you interact with will greatly appreciate and appreciate the colorful themes and backgrounds. If you are a frequent video chatter, you should give it a try.

By using AlterCam as a virtual audio device, you can make your Skype or Zoom interactions more refined. If you’re looking to spice up your monotonous video conversations, AlterCam will certainly meet many of your needs.

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This is a sponsored article and was made possible by AlterCam. The actual content and opinions are the only views of the author who maintains editorial independence, even when an article is sponsored.


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