Add a caption to your roll photos

Add a caption to your roll photos

We show you how to add a caption to the photos that we have on the roll, in order to find them faster.


So you can add a caption to your photos

Today we are going to teach you add a caption to your photos. A great way to tie them marked by theme, for example, to find them easily later.

When we enter our reel, our heads may flip. And, you have to be realistic, the native iOS photos app could be much better and more intuitive. But to tell the truth, Apple is making things easier for us and gives us tools to make these apps an almost perfect application.

In this case, we are going to talk about how to add a caption to any snapshot, so that later we can search and find it quickly.

How to add a caption to your photos

The process is very simple and from the arrival of iOS 14, we have this function available. To do this, we go to the reel, we look for the photo we want and we open it.

With it open, we move it up and we will see that a box appears that indicates <>.

caption 1caption 1

Put the caption

We write the word or phrase that we want. We recommend writing something that allows us to later locate said photo, that is why we have commented on indicating the theme, for example.

When we have written our description, click on the <> that appears at the top right. we leave the image and voila. It will already be saved and ready to be found in the app’s search engine.

To find this photo, we go to the magnifying glass that we see in the lower right. We click on it and write the caption we want or with which we want to find the photo. In our case it is <>.

caption 2footer from photo 2

Search the image by the keyword

When writing, all the photos with that caption already appear. Or in which we have put a keyword. This is a function that we have in the native Photos app and that we must use, in order to always have the photos we want located.


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