Activate the cursor on the iPhone keyboard and move freely through any text

Activate the cursor on the iPhone keyboard and move freely through any text

Stop randomly clicking on the part of the text you want to go to and do it moving the cursor on the iPhone keyboard. A good way to move through the text in a fast and accurate way.

iPhone keyboard functions

IPhone keyboard functions

Today we are going to teach you move the cursor quickly on the iPhone keyboardYes, of those devices that have 3D Touch or Haptic Touch. One more in our great list of tutorials for iPhone and iPad.

We tell you about a great function that the keyboards of our devices have and that will make us more productive and faster when it comes to correcting or selecting texts. If you are one of the people who is always correcting their writings in WhatsApp, Twitter, etc … this article will come from pearls.

How to make the cursor appear on the keyboard of the iPhone and iPad:

It is really simple and we can use it whenever the on-screen keyboard appears.

We open any application in which we can use the keyboard, we are going to carry out the example with the app of notes. Now we start writing.

When we want to go back or move the cursor to the other side, it is as simple as exerting a little force on the keyboard space bar to activate the Haptic Touch and make the cursor appear. If you have a device with 3D Touch you can press any key to activate the cursor movement. To know that we have activated the function, we will have to see how all the letters of the keys are erased from the keyboard, so …

iPhone keyboard cursoriPhone keyboard cursor

IPhone keyboard cursor

Now, without stopping pressing the screen, we move our finger all over the keyboard and you will see how the cursor will take the direction that we indicate. In this way we can quickly scroll through the text and go to the specific place to add, correct, select … whatever you want.

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Therefore if you did not know this function on the keyboard of the iPhone, we encourage you to try it.



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