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A new update of Telegram arrives full of news

Telegram has released a new update to its application with many interesting news for users of the app.

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Many news arrive on Telegram

The app instant messenger Telegram, is the main rival of WhatsApp. It is true that the number of users has nothing to do with WhatsApp, but more and more users are using it and it is, mainly, both for its privacy and for its novelties.

And when it comes to news, Telegram has a new update available and comes with plenty of news for all users. And since we are sure that they will be useful to many of you, we tell you all the news.

These are the news of the new Telegram update

One of the most outstanding novelties are the so-called Profile Videos. They do not have too many mysteries and it is that, as its name indicates, this new function gives us the possibility of using videos on our profile as if it were a profile photo. Along with this news, Telegram has also released a better photo editor with the option of Soft Skin.

The second most powerful new feature is the ability to send increasingly larger files. Until now, we could send files up to 1.5 GB to any Telegram user. But, from now on, we can send files of up to 2 GB. A considerable improvement.


Adding profile videos on Telegram

In addition, there are also some “minor” enhancements and features. Thus, now it gives us the possibility to access improved group statistics, it will show us thumbnails of the images, it allows us to add up to three different accounts in Telegram Desktop, it adds more animated emojis and it improves the function of people nearby.

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All this can be obtained by simply updating the app. What do you think about the news on Telegram? We are sure that many of you will take good advantage of these developments and may make more and more users use the app. Than app of instant messaging do you prefer?

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