A new Facebook app focused on voice calls arrives

Facebook has launched a new application called CatchUp completely focused on voice calls between users.

CatchUp app facebook calls voice 1

The new Facebook app

The social network Facebook It condenses a large part of the social networks that are most used today. But not only do you have apps like WhatsApp or Instagram, but also has numerous applications that, at first glance, may not seem like Facebook.

In addition to publishing apps like Facebook, the social network has different experimental apps that it launches to try to cover more categories. It has apps that allow create memes, apps to bind and even, a VPN.

CatchUp is an experimental app that, at the moment, is only available in the USA.

And now they have launched a new experimental application called CatchUp, which is focused on voice calls. Yes, as you read, it focuses on one of the least used functions today on mobiles. In fact they have been announcing it asking if we are able to remember when the telephones were only to call.

Despite being developed by Facebook The app does not require you to be registered on the social network. To be able to use it, it would be enough to download it and allow the application to access our contacts to start making calls.

CatchUp app facebook calls voice 2CatchUp app facebook calls voice 2

The application interface

CatchUp It would show us, in a differentiated way, the contacts. Thus, all the contacts that we have and those that are disconnected appear, but in a main position on the screen are the contacts that are connected and that the app considers «Ready to talk». Too

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The application, as has been said, is experimental. That is why it can disappear at any time in the App Store and, at the moment, it is only available in state United as it happens with many of these experimental apps.

At the moment it is early to know if Facebook You will bet on this application or if, on the contrary, you will discard it. But at first glance it does not seem to have much future given that many of the most used social networks and apps allow calls to be made. What do you think of this app? Do you see future?

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